Terms & Conditions


Short Plain English Version for people with a life to live:

Delivery:  Poop happens, so for various reasons, delivery time frames are NOT guaranteed.

Shipping outside of the UK: Check your local rules & regs. If it's delayed in customs and they want cash don't come crying to us

Customs and Duty charges: Imposed by YOUR country are YOUR responsibility. Agreeing to our Terms implies that you are prepared to pay if required. Refusing to pay will not work. You will receive NO goods and will quite likely not be refunded in order to cover our costs for recovering the goods. 

Payment: If you pay for it it's yours. If we have specially ordered it for you it's yours forever whether we've shipped it or not.

Pricing: We can change prices at the drop of a hat. If it's in stock, it's yours at that price. If it's not in stock fresh stock may be more or less expensive.

Incorrect parts: We make every effort to make accurate listings. To be 100% sure please enquire regarding suitability.

Returns: We will take it back wherever possible. Electrical stuff is generally a no-no but talk to us. Some electronic bits are harder to blow up than others

Guarantee: Everything generally is covered for a year as a minimum. But we would like to think our bits would last longer. Talk to us.


Longer slightly more boring version

We ship parts all over the world Monday to Friday. We send via Royal Mail, TNT & DPD. These companies are run by HUMAN BEINGS and as such are prone to the occasional hiccough. Because of this and the myriad of unpredictable combinations of Murphy's or Sod's law, things can go wrong. Not very often, but they can. So, we suggest that if you require a part for your car, and you cannot get here to collect it yourself, and you need it urgently, choose DPD or TNT rather than Royal Mail. DPD and TNT offer a trackable next working day delivery within the UK and western Europe. TNT offer a fast trackable service for the rest of the world. There are still humans involved, but they are quite nice ones, and they have big shiny vans and not just a bicycle :) 

Our transportation partners make every effort to deliver on time and have an enviable track record for on-time shipments worldwide. However, errors can occur and occasionally situations that are out of our control can cause delays. We cannot take responsibility for these situations and therefore request that if an order is at all time critical that you allow extra time prior to ordering to avoid disappointment or inconvenience. Cut off times are approximate. Collection times from us by your chosen carrier do vary. Ordering after this time will often make it onto that days pickup, but will more than likely be collected from us the following day.

For international Deliveries by Air Mail, please allow 3 to 7 days for European destinations and 5 to 15 days for the rest of the world. Parcels can NOT be tracked outside of the UK therefore we accept no responsibility for lost or delayed items. 

If your order is at all time critical or you are not prepared to lose your order to the bottomless pit of international postage, please use TNT or DPD.



We will not deliver to PO Box numbers. Please provide your residential address along with and alternative delivery address if you wish. We must obtain a signature. Many of our Antipodean friends have raised the question about combined home and PO box numbers. eg:

Ned Kelly
27 Acacia Avenue
PO Box 2457
WA  2699


When purchasing from outside of the European Union charges may be levied by your local government by way of import duty and or taxes. Your local courier may also charge an additional administration fee to cover customs paperwork. These charges vary from region to region and can change without warning. It is the responsibility of YOU the customer to make yourself aware of any charges that may be imposed. We will under no circumstances accept liability for any charges for return or destruction of goods ordered. 

Exchange rates are out of our control. Please check with your bank regarding charges and rates imposed by THEM. In the unlikely event that a refund need be issued by us, it will be for the original sum in sterling, regardless of any exchange rate fluctuation. 


Our preferred international carriers are TNT  and as such all deliveries outside of the British Isles will default to one of the aforementioned. If you absolutely insist for whatever reason that we ship via a postal service this can be carried out by arrangement. Please note that by agreeing to our terms and conditions you will be relinquishing Eurocarcare Ltd and it's employees of ALL and ANY liability regarding issues involving transit of good via any agent other than TNT or DPD. This caveat includes, but is not limited to:

  • Delays in delivery of any kind whatsoever
  • Damage to package or goods within of any kind
  • Total loss.

In effect, by agreeing to our terms and conditions the risk is YOURS 

Please note that List prices stated are for guidance only and may not be correct. Selling prices are actual. E&OE.

Weights whenever displayed are volumetric and are a calculation utilising a formula based on physical packed dimensions and weight. They do not represent the products actual net weight. 

In an effort to save the planet we will wherever possible recycle packaging. Your goods may arrive in random boxes. Please check your packaging before assuming we have sent you a 100 cwt of frozen chips in error.


Now for the legalese........ 

'The company' shall mean Eurocarcare Limited.
The customer shall mean any party placing an order with the company by telephone, facsimile, letter, electronic mail or online at www.eurocarcare.net
The supplier shall mean the manufacturer of the goods.
The goods shall mean the goods supplied by the company under the contract terms set out in these terms and conditions.
Formation and interpretation of contracts
All contracts made by Eurocarcare Ltd. for the supply of goods and/or services of the type referred to below shall be governed exclusively by the terms and conditions set out below (the contract terms) the contract terms shall override and take the place of all previous oral and written representations and any other terms and conditions (except those implied in favour of a supplier which are not consistent with the contract terms) whether or not the same are endorsed upon, delivered with, or referred to in any purchase order, call off or other document delivered or sent to the company by the customer referred to below. Any reference below to order of the customer, call off, specifications or like document will not be deemed to imply that any terms and conditions endorsed upon, delivered with or referred in to such order, call off, specifications or liked document will supplement or have effect to the exclusion or amendment of the contract terms.
The contract terms may be varied only by express agreement by the company by means of a written amendment signed by an authorised officer of the company referring specifically to the terms and conditions to be amended.
The customer shall be responsible to the company for ensuring the accuracy of the terms of any order submitted to the company and for giving the company any necessary information relating to the goods and/or services within a sufficient time to enable the company to perform the contract in accordance with its terms.
No order which has been accepted by the company may be cancelled by the customer accept with the agreement in writing of the company and on the terms that the customer shall indemnify the company in full against all loss (including loss of profit). Costs (including the cost of all labour and materials used or contracted for). Damages, charges and expenses incurred by the company as a result of cancellation.
Unless otherwise expressly stated in writing by the company, orders are accepted on the basis that;
The price stated on the invoice is the net price of the goods and/or the services (after deduction of any discounts) for delivery in accordance with the contract, and the stated price overrides all previous oral written representations as to price.
The price is exclusive of value added tax and any other impositions whatsoever, which shall be charged by the company at the rate and in the manner prescribed by law from time to time and shall be paid by the customer in addition to the price.
The company reserves the right to alter prices at any given time. However, variations may occur due to exchange rate fluctuations or market forces.
VAT at 20% will be charged to all customers within the EU. Good shipped outside of the EU will be invoiced at zero VAT. The customer shall be liable for all and any import taxes imposed locally.
B2B purchases outside of the UK but within the EU may be VAT exempt on submission of a valid tax code.


Used parts.

Used parts are sourced by us specifically for the buyer or buyers agent. Parts supplied  will be inspected for defects prior to dispatch. Used items will by nature show signs or wear and tear but will be fully operational and fit for purpose.  Used items will carry a guarantee of 3 months. We do not cover time, labour or damage caused during installation.

Payment is prior to delivery of the goods unless the customer has a credit account with the company.
The following terms and conditions apply to credit accounts.
Payment terms are strictly twenty days end of month; i.e. all goods purchased must be paid for by the twentieth of the following month date of delivery.
Should payment not be made within the specified time then interest shall be charged at five percentum per month above the base lending rate of Barclays bank plc.
An agreed credit limit will be applied to the customers account and should this be exceeded the credit account may be suspended.
If the credit account remains inactive or is trading at less than £100 per calendar month the credit account may be closed at the discretion of the company.
If payment is late for three consecutive months account facilities may be withdrawn at the discretion of the company.
Buying from outside of the EU.
When purchasing from outside of the European Union charges may be levied by your local government by way of import duty and or taxes. These charges vary from region to region and can change without warning. It is the responsibility or YOU the customer to make yourself aware of any charges that may be imposed. We will under no circumstances accept liability for any charges for return or destruction of goods ordered. IF YOU ARE NOT PREPARED TO PAY YOUR LOCAL IMPORT DUTY AND OR CHARGES. PLEASE DO NOT BUY.
Delivery times are given as an estimated time or date but do not form part of the contract between Eurocarcare Ltd and the customer. Time is not deemed to be of the essence of the contract.
Any shortage of or damage to goods must be intimated to the company within twenty-four hours of delivery.
Delivery will be undertaken by an agent ie: Royal Mail, UK Mail, DHL or TNT. We Eurocarcare Ltd will arrange transport on a not for profit basis through the agent of your choice where available. In the event of loss or damage Eurocarcare Ltd will make any claims on your behalf but take no responsibility for compensation or outcome. It is imperative that deliveries are inspected on receipt and that any damage is reported to the driver for immediate documentation. Failure to do so will negate the possibility of recouping compensation. The decision of the delivery agent is final.  

Eurocarcare Ltd shall endeavour to arrange delivery of the goods but may suspend or delay delivery and shall not be liable in the event of non-fulfillment of contract owing to an act of god, war, disease, strikes, lock-outs, fires, or any other accident whatsoever beyond the control of the company.

Return of goods
We are generally happy to accept return of unused parts within two months of purchase. We cannot refund delivery charges for items ordered incorrectly. If you are in any doubt, we are more than happy to check compatibility for you prior to order.
Please enclose a copy of the original purchase invoice or a note with your order number (NET...?) and a contact email or phone number.
All goods must be boxed, packed and returned in the same condition in they were received, unfitted and unused.
Exchange units carrying a surcharge must be returned within one month of purchase.
Components containing electrical sensors, regulating, control, measuring or metering function will not be accepted for credit or refund. Please contact us regarding any other electrical goods prior to return.
Items ordered specially cannot be returned or cancelled unless agreed prior to purchase.
Items made to order, such as hydraulic pipes, are not returnable if correctly made to instructions received. 
Parts returned under warranty must be accompanied by our warranty claim form showing parts together with a copy of the original purchase invoice.
If during proper use or application of goods by the customer a material fault should be discovered,
The customer shall notify the company in writing giving particulars of the alleged defect.
The goods shall be returned to the company who will in turn return the goods to the relevant supplier for inspection.
Should the goods in question be deemed faulty the supplier will raise a credit for the value of the goods in favour of the company who shall in turn credit the purchaser of the goods.
Any claim for a labour content within the warranty claim will be at the discretion of Eurocarcare Ltd's manufacturer or supplier of the goods.
The company may only act on the decision of the supplier of the goods and cannot be held directly responsible for the performance of the goods.
The customer will be deemed to accept the decision of the supplier in any dispute as to the fitness for purpose of the goods.
Clutch actuators shall be covered by warranty ONLY if fitted in conjunction with a genuine PSA or Valeo clutch kit, and that we Eurocarcare Derby have undertaken installation.  

It is assumed that by purchasing goods from us that you the customer and/or your appointed technician have the appropriate skill,
 technical knowhow and suitable tools and/or equipment and the knowhow to use them correctly to install 
said goods correctly and safely.  

We, Eurocarcare or our suppliers are NOT liable for any damage incurred due to
 you or your appointed technician's lack of knowledge. This also includes damage both physical and/or electronic 
caused by accident or any other outside influence during the installation of parts requiring specialist 
knowledge or equipment for installation.

Retention of Title
Title to the goods will remain vested in the company after delivery until payment of all sums due (whether arising out of this or any other contract) has been made in full to the company.
As long as title to the goods remains vested in the company and the goods are in possession or under the control of the customer the following provisions shall apply.
The customer may not (unless otherwise notified by the company in writing) use sells or otherwise deals with the goods in the ordinary course of business.
the customer will store the goods separately from other goods and clearly identified as the property of the company and will not remove, alter or deface identification marks placed on the goods or on the packaging supplied therewith.
The company may at any time on giving prior notice enter the premises of the customer for the purpose of inspecting the goods and identifying them as the property of the company and the customer irrevocably authorises the company to enter upon the premises for that purpose.
The company may at any time without making prior demand retake possession of the goods in any of the following circumstances.
If the customer defaults in payment.
If the customer becomes bankrupt or insolvent or has a receiving order made against it or compounds with its creditors or being a corporation commences to be wound up (other than a members voluntary winding up of a solvent company for the purpose of amalgamation or reconstruction) or has a receiver appointed in respect of the whole or any part of its undertaking or assets.
If the company has reasonable doubts as to the ability or willingness of the customer to pay for the goods on the due date.
For the purposes of this condition the customer will afford to the company its authorised servants and agents a means of access with vehicles to its premises at reasonable times and hereby irrevocably authorises the company to enter upon its premises for the purpose of re-possession of the goods in accordance with the foregoing provisions.
If the goods are returned or re-possessed in accordance with the foregoing provisions the company will repay to the customer any sums received from the customer in part payment of the price of the goods up to a maximum amount equal to the prevailing market value of the goods returned or re-possessed in their condition at the time after deduction of all costs and expenses of the company in having the goods returned or re-possessed and subject also to any right of set off the company may have in respect of other sums owed by the customer to the company.
Limitation and Exclusion of Liabilities
The company's obligation and liabilities to the customer in respect of the goods and services shall be limited to-
Those set out expressly here in.
Those implied (as to title) by section 12 of the sales goods act 1979.
Any liability for death, personal injury and loss of or damage to property under section 2 of the consumer protection act 1987.
Where the contract is not an international supply contract within section 36 (3) of the unfair contract terms act 1977. Any liability for death or personal injury from the company's negligence (as defined in that act).
Where the customer deals as a consumer (within section 12 of the unfair contract terms act 1977) . Any implied term relating into the conformity of goods with their description or sample or as to their quality or fitness for a particular purpose.
The customer acknowledges that this is reasonable and reflected in the price and shall accept risk and/or insure accordingly.
Any notice required or permitted to be given by either party to the other under these conditions shall be in writing addressed to that other party at its registered office or principle place of business.
The company will (without prejudice to any other remedy available to it) have in respect of all unpaid debts due from the customer a general lien on all property of the customer in the possession of the company for whatever purpose and whether worked upon or not and be entitled on the expiration of not less than 7 days notice in writing to the customer to dispose of such property and to apply the proceed towards the satisfaction of such debts.
The goods shall remain the property of the seller until the price has been discharged in full a cheque given by the purchaser in payment shall not be treated as a discharge fee until the same has been cleared.
Herewith the company Eurocarcare shall without prejudice offer a diminution of the advertised price. Application of a concession code that shall read "termsandconditions" will invoke deductions not exceeding 10%. Inclusion of said code during settlement should be applied within the area marked "club code".
Nothing herein contained is intended to affect, not will it affects a customer's statuary rights under the sales of goods act 1977 amendment thereof.


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