Let's talk about locking wheel bolts

Probably why you are here right now. What a pain they are. They tend to cause more problems than anything else. Generally either the key goes missing, or more often becomes damaged. Damage is mostly inflicted a by using an air wrench to remove the locking bolt instead of loosening or tightening them by hand.

Replacement keys are available to order, but only through a main agent who will not supply unless an original vehicle log book and proof of identity is supplied. This is awkward enough when the car is in the UK, let alone on the other side of the planet.

Because it usually takes a week or so for the key to turn up, alternative measures are taken to get the car back on the road. This entails getting rid of the locking bolts and replacing them with normal ones. I cannot remember the last time someone had wheels stolen in the UK, probably because 95% of cars have alloy wheels fitted as standard these days. So, the chances of theft is pretty minimal. If you are interested in taking that route, we can supply the correct bolts for you. If you are not sure which ones will suit your car, just drop us a line or give us a call.
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ECC540566 - Wheel Bolt 17mm

ECC540566 - Wheel Bolt 17mm£3.47

17mm Socket size

Berlingo C2 C3 C4 Saxo Picasso Xsara

106 206 207 307 406 1007 Partner

ECC540567 - Wheel Bolt 17mm

ECC540567 - Wheel Bolt 17mm£5.22

Variants of

C2 C3 C4 C5 C6 Dispatch Picasso Saxo Xsara

106 206 207 307 308 406 407 607 1007 Expert Partner

ECC540572 - Wheel Bolt 17mm

ECC540572 - Wheel Bolt 17mm£2.15

Variants of

Berlingo C4 C5 C6 DS4 DS5 Dispatch

308 407 508 3008 5008 Expert Tepee Partner


ECC540577 - Wheel Bolt 17mm

ECC540577 - Wheel Bolt 17mm£10.27   £5.50

Variants of


107, 108

ECC671739 - Wheel Brace

ECC671739 - Wheel Brace£8.87   £7.50

ECC8200030701 - Wheel Bolt 19mm

ECC8200030701 - Wheel Bolt 19mm£6.03



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