RP or ORGA numbers

This is a four or five digit code that identifies the day any particular vehicle was built. (The system was introduced late in 1976). The RP or DAM can be found in different locations on the various models. Most Citroëns and Peugeots into the late 90's will have the code stenciled in paint (more often than not in a contrasting colour) under the bonnet or on the panel adjacent the drivers door hinges. Alternatively, later cars may have a sticker.

Later RP & DAM numbers run into more digits. It is the first 4 or 5 that denote the year of birth. If you come across a 4 'letter' code, this is actually the paint code. Useful if you need to order paint.

Occasionally the parts look-up process for earlier vehicles demands the RP or DAM code, so it is at least handy to know where to find it. Modern look-up systems generally work completely by chassis number and can identify the majority of parts simply by that single piece of information.

So if for no other reason you can enter your vehicle's RP or DAM number and retrieve a date by which you can send your pride and joy a birthday card

RP DAM and ORGA number to production date converter

This javascript will calculate (fairly accurately) the build date of your particular vehicle. Enter your 4 or 5 digit RP number and click calculate once. For the converter to work properly you will require a Javascript-enabled browser.

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ORGA, DAM or RP number 

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