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Slider Kits etc

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ECC7701049108 - Brake Caliper Rear Left

ECC7701049108 - Brake Caliper Rear Left£197.50   £105.00

Variants of

Espace Laguna Vel Satis

ECC440068 - Front Brake Caliper Left

ECC440068 - Front Brake Caliper Left£76.56   £25.00

Variants Of



ECC4400J5 - Front Brake Caliper Right

ECC4400J5 - Front Brake Caliper Right£112.60   £25.00

Variants Of



ECC4400K9 - Brake Caliper Front Left

ECC4400K9 - Brake Caliper Front Left£130.12   £25.00

For Vehicle With Three Stud Wheels

AX Saxo


ECC440163 - Front Brake Caliper Left

ECC440163 - Front Brake Caliper Left£85.40   £25.00

Variants Of


ECC440164 - Front Brake Caliper Right

ECC440164 - Front Brake Caliper Right£85.40   £25.00

Vraiants Of



ECC95651079 - Rear Brake Caliper Right

ECC95651079 - Rear Brake Caliper Right£83.80   £25.00

Variants Of


ECCCKT1018 - Brake Caliper Slider Pin Kit

ECCCKT1018 - Brake Caliper Slider Pin Kit£46.57   £18.15

Variants of

145 146 147 156 159 166 Brera GT Spider

Berlingo C2 C3 C4 C5 Dispatch DS3 DS4 DS5 Relay Xsara Picasso

Ducato Scudo

1007 207 3008 307 308 407 5008 Boxer E7 Taxi Expert Jumpy Tepee Partner RCZ

Avantime Clio Espace Kangoo Megane Modus Scenic Twingo Wind Trafic


ECCCKT1014 - Brake Caliper Slider Kit

ECCCKT1014 - Brake Caliper Slider Kit£47.22   £17.90

Variants of

C8 Synergie Dispatch Relay

406 607 806 Expert Boxer

500 Panda Punto Scudo Ulysse Ducato

Abarth 500

ECCCKT1019 - Brake Caliper Slider Pin Kit

ECCCKT1019 - Brake Caliper Slider Pin Kit£39.21   £14.95

Varaints of

C8 Dispatch

407 807 E7 Taxi Expert

Espace Trafic

Scudo Ulysse

ECC440550 - Rear Caliper Retaining Bolt

ECC440550 - Rear Caliper Retaining Bolt£3.75   £3.98

All Variants

ECC46417117 - Caliper Bolt

ECC46417117 - Caliper Bolt£3.74   £2.65

Variants of

500 Barchetta Bravo Coupe Idea Marea Panda Punto

145 146

ECC60653847 - Front Brake Caliper Mounting Bolt£3.60   £2.20

Variants of

500 Panda

156 Mito 

ECC9678008680 - Caliper Retaining Bolt

ECC9678008680 - Caliper Retaining Bolt£1.94

Variants of

C3 C4 DS5 Berlingo

Xsara Picasso

ECC440554 - Brake Caliper Retaining Bolt Rear

ECC440554 - Brake Caliper Retaining Bolt Rear£1.28   £1.83

Variants of

C2, C3



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