Searching for parts

There are a number of ways to search our database. The most simple is clearly to enter a short description of the item into the 'Search' box at the top of the page. For example by entering "Engine Mount" you will probably be deluged with every engine mounting we hold. Simply try "Engine mount Punto 1.2" that should narrow the delivered result to something more manageable. Alternatively if you have a part number it will be worth trying that too.

On your right you will notice a box marked 'Part Finder'. We called it that because what this little fellow does is help you find your part. Just choose the appropriate drop-down category for the part you seek and then choose your model. The finder will then eliminate everything irrelevant to the criteria chosen, leaving a small amount of items for you to rummage through. Be aware that occasionally there could be two items applicable to your car. For example, some cars have a choice of manufacturers for certain products. eg rear brake pads could be Bosch style or TRW style. Both types were fitted during production, but the car manufacturer did not document when and where they were fitted. They are not interchangeable, so it would be a case of having a look. Of course if you have any doubts whatsoever please do contact us. To be fair this situation happens very rarely. So, unlike when you drop in to your motor factor and they tell you "Sorry Bud there are 37 different types, you'll have to go and check", we won't. There is usually only ONE type and if you use the manufacturers catalogue - as we do - you will get the right part first time. The key is, "If in doubt ask!"

There is every chance that the part you are looking for is just not here. There are hundreds of thousands of parts that we don't carry on the shelf, but we are uniquely placed . We can order them in for you and we can almost certainly save you money. You may be after a piece of trim or some strange bracket or other. These are generally considered the exclusive realm of the main dealer. But, as I said, ...we know people.

Give your dealer a ring by all means, get a price and then give us a go. Hit the "Contact Us" button above, fill in some details and we'll get back to you asap. If our price lights your fire we can take orders by phone (UK only) or we can set up the part online and you can pay by plastic, Paypal or BACS (Bank transfer). Obviously, if you are not in the same timezone as us or happen to work nights then this is the way to go.

If you reside in the UK, Ireland, France, Holland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, New Zealand and some states in Australia then we can work with your registration number. If not then we will need your FULL chassis number.

Chassis number formats are as follows:

  • Fiat                         ZFA17600001234567
  • ​Alfa Romeo          ZAR93200001234567
  • Citroen               VF7DCRHZB12345678
  • Peugeot              VF38BRHZF12345678
  • ​Renault                VF1CB0A0F12345678

​All modern European chassis numbers consist of 17 digits. Please check that you have them all. The above list is not exhaustive. Some vehicles, that are built in plants other than in France or Italy may have a prefix that differs. the Talbot Express for example was built in the UK so will have a chassis number beginning SDB.

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