Turbo problems with 1.6 HDI Engines

1 Comment23 December 2016  |  Stu

Affecting: DV6TED 1.6 Hdi Engines

Have you had your engine management light come on or experienced a lack of power or strange noise from your car? It could be that you are suffering from a common turbo fault. We have recently diagnosed and repaired several of these faults and have figured out what seems to be the problem. On the slightly earlier engines there has been a problem with compression gases leaking past the injectors and causing a build up of carbon around the injector, an audible blow from the cylinder and even foul acrid fumes getting into the cabin-yuk. With the later engines the same leak of compression gases is occurring but the carbon is ending up in the engine oil via the rocker cover, piston rings or valve stems. Over a period of time even with proper servicing the oil quality is degraded and carbon blocks the oil strainer affecting the turbo spindle bearings, which is not what you want! This can and has caused complete failure of the turbo and a knock on affect of throwing lots of oil and broken bits of turbo into the complicated air induction system. When all this happens, the turbo and oil strainer need replacing and the induction system stripping and cleaning. Obviously this is an expensive business but we try to avoid doing any unnecessary work by diagnosing the fault correctly in the first place and then only repairing the parts that need repairing. Prevention of course is always better than cure so you should always have oil changes carried out in line with the service schedule, but if you didn’t have a problem with your turbo you probably wouldn’t be reading this article would you? If your vehicle is still in its warranty period then this matter should be taken up with your dealer but if not, we aim to provide a competitively priced cure and all the help and advice you could need.

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28 October 2020  |  13:39

getting the engine light on and code p2562, changed the turbo solenoid but still pops up intermittently