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Automatic Transmission Faults particularly issues such as:

  • Gear Change faults
  • Loss of Drive
  • Unusual Noises
  • warning Lights illuminated


AM6C Gear Shift Issues

11 Comments12 January 2017  |  Stu

Affecting: C4 & Picasso C5 C6 C8 307 308 3008 407 508 5008 607 & 807

Specifically the vehicles above equipped with the AM6C Automatic transmission

The AM6 box is generally considered a good transmission. But, they can have issues with the solenoids and valve bodies, usually when they get older (150,000 km +) which requires the valve body to be replaced (they wear out internally due to the housing being aluminium which causes fluid bypass). This often doesn't produce fault codes, and tends to be worse when hot They may produce a number of shifting issues but usually don't cause the ecu to veg out or drop into a limp-home mode.

If the Sport and or snow-mode lights are flashing this is generally not a good sign, and indicates a major problem. Ideally factory diagnostic software like DIAGBOX or LEXIA should be utilised to interrogate the ECU for fault codes. Generic test equipment is usually unable to delve deep enough into the system to be of any useIf the transmission is unhappy enough about the engine sensors to go limp mode then it will log 'remote' codes in the transmission ECU declaring its disapproval.

These boxes are sensitive to fluid condition -gear shifts are much better on new oil- so, if it's done above 80,000 km and on it's original oil then a fluid change is in order. Be sure to use the factory specified Esso/Mobil ATF 3309 (JWS3309 spec) oil for this. Avoid modern 'super' transmission oils that claim to do everything under the sun.


Steps to diagnose:

  • Road test to experience fault.
  • Check with DIAGBOX to confirm presence/absence of codes, check live data for excessive fluid pressure fluctuations etc.
  • Given it seems to fault predictably, road test with diagbox running to check/record live data when it faults.
  • Check trans fluid level/condition. Replace if at all dubious.

If there are no other indicators by this stage, prepare yourself for a likely valve body replacement. We can supply a new unit to order;

Valve Block

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12 January 2017  |  BigMick
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