Timing Chain EP6C & EP6DT

2 Comments23 December 2016  |  Stu

Affecting: EP6C & EP6DT engines with TIMING CHAIN (BMW ish engine)

[Peugeot 207 / 308 Citroen DS3 etc.]

There are a few problems with timing chains on the Peugeot 1.6 normally aspirated and turbo 'Prince' petrol engines which seem to command a certain amount of mystery.
Symptoms can be poor performance / misfiring or hesitation, engine warning lights coming on and vehicle going into limp mode to name a few. The root cause of the problem is usually the timing chain wearing and stretching, causing the timing of the camshaft/s to become retarded in relation to the crankshaft. It can occur at relatively low mileage. Occasionally there can be a rattling noise which is caused by failure of one of the camshaft dephasers.
Usually the best solution is to replace the timing chain, sprockets, slippers and tensioner, also replacing the dephaser pulleys is recommended.
 It is possible to check the wear of the chain by measuring the position of the chain guide using a dummy tensioner, you could then re-set the timing of the camshafts. We have re-set camshaft timing before but only on cars that have recently had the chain kit replaced. I have no experience of re-setting timing on worn chains although rumour has it that other people have tried it with some success. Rumour also has it that the pulleys can slip on their mountings and cause the timing to go out but I suspect the timing may not have been set quite right in the first place and the chain has bedded in and allowed the timing to go out of tolerance.
Setting the Timing :-  If you read and follow the manufacturers instructions for checking / setting the camshaft timing, chances are you’ll still have problems at some point because the result will be the timing set wrong or only just within tolerance and as the chain beds in, the timing will become incorrect.
We do sell the parts to do this job but you’ll need specific timing tools which are different for the turbo model and you do need to do a bit of cheating to get the timing set right.

Paul Flower
05 April 2020  |  7:51

took delivery of ds,4. thp. 200 in December , check engine light on ever since , in and out of Evans halshaw Stockport , several times. , luckily car has Citroen warranty , they replaced turbo. , couple of sensors. etc. then they were told by Citroen to have a look at timing chain. , all looked set to be replacing chain etc , then coronavirus happened. , Evans halshaw gave my the car back. as they were closing up due to pandemic. so 3"months on I have car that is still in limp home so frustrating asi know there is a good car in there. somewhere. , 😢

20 August 2020  |  13:43

Hi, How many hours does it take to replace 2010 1.6THP turbo timing chain, tensioner & pulleys.
Also, If just the tensioner is replaced does the camshaft etc have to be locked in position or
can you unscrew the old tensioner & put new one straight in?
For 2010 Peugeot RCZ.
Many thanks, Tam