Ssshhh Click Click Click Click Click Shhh! every second...Accumulator Sphere

6 January 2017  |  Stu

Affecting: ID / DS / SM / BX / CX / GS / Xantia & XM

On a healthy system the click or hiss from a regulator should be approximately every 15-25 seconds. If the regulator ticks or hisses at shorter intervals than this, it is a sign that the accumulator sphere is worn and needs to be replaced. Much like suspension spheres the diaphragm between the gas and fluid inside the sphere perforates over time, and weakens until eventually all the sphere stores is fluid (and consequently cannot maintain any pressure). Get this changed as the accumulator sphere also holds a charge of pressure in the event that any component of the system fails (without it's assistance you'll be left with NO brakes, steering etc!). Luckly replacements are inexpensive, and you should notice an immediate improvement in your vehicle, and substantially reduce the load on your hydraulic pump :D