Spin spin spin spin ..non start

2 Comments12 January 2017  |  Stu

Affecting: Renault Citroen Peugeot - Petrol

If she won't go, but the battery is good, the starter is spinning well. Check out the TDC (Top Dead Centre) / Crank position sensor. This little fellow can invariably be found residing in the vicinity of the flywheel, Usually fixed to the clutch bell housing. Or hanging around the pulleys at the timing end. Look for:

  • A lead with a single bolt holding the sensor end down
  • Plastic bracket arrangement with a lead plugging into it.
  • Banana shaped metal bracket with a sensor attached (Renault)


John Jones
01 February 2017  |  14:17

Got a c4 vtr+ 2008 on a daily basis goes in to limp mode. Turn engine off and on again all good till next time i.e. Couple hours or Evan days what is it comes up with esp and handbrake faults but handbrake working fine

02 February 2017  |  10:29

Hi John, We see this quite often. Warnings may include those of ABS or ESP fault, Handbrake fault, maybe depollution fault and sometimes engine loses power or goes into 'limp mode'.

The fault may go away if you stop and restart the engine. The fault can be due to an EGR valve sticking. The engine computer tells the ABS computer that it's information is not valid and the handbrake computer needs information from the ABS so it also reports a fault because it is a secondary brake and may have safety implications. When you restart the engine, the EGR valve goes through a cleaning routine and frees off for a while.

Diagnosis is reasonably easy and it's more often than not, a case of just replacing the EGR valve.

regards. Stu