Peugeot 207 won't start

1 Comment12 January 2017  |  Stu

Affecting: Peugeot 207 all models

Intermittent non starting, not turning over or illumination of steering, ABS or engine warning lights, speedo not working and lines on the odometer instead of the mileage being displayed. Can be caused by ABS computer blocking the immobiliser code being transmitted to the engine computer, also the speedo fault and steering warning appears because the ABS computer can't transmit speed information. A new ABS computer can be over £700, we have fitted quite a few used ABS ECUs and there is a repair solution for around £450 including VAT and labour. 


Ashy Mukiibi
16 May 2020  |  6:32

I have that problem and car won't start. Ca you help ? When?