Constant Velocity Joints

12 January 2017  |  BigMick

Affecting: Anything that moves

Typically, a great idea gone bad. CV boots used to be made of good old rubber. With time they happily perished, split and liberally greased your wheel arch with lovely black goop. If not regreased and replaced soon it was bye-bye CV joint. Nowadays of course thats all history. Boots are made of rigid neoprene and are virtually indestructable. 
Sadly the same cannot be said for the aluminium clips they use to attach them. It's now very common to find a boot waving freely in the breeze devoid of it's lubricaficious content because the 'big end' clip has corroded away, snapped or just not been man enough for the job.
Woe betide anyone attempting to execute a repair with ligarex strapping. And neoprene boots just laugh at cable ties. So what do we do then? Well we have a few choices to choose from;

A/ Buy a complete kit from the main dealer for extortion + Vat, Throw away the new boot and fit the clip
B/ Leave it to the main dealer to fit the whole kit for extortion + an-hour-and-a-halfs-labour + VAT?
C/ Measure the diameter of the CV joint and order the clip alone by size from Eurocarcare in finest stainless steel because they spent ages hunting the globe for an appropriate method of repair that wouldn't cost the earth and if you ask nicely they'll pop it on for you in less than half-an-hour.

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Stainless CV Boot Clips