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Common or potential faults associated with the French & Italian range.


Having worked with our chosen marques for quite some time now, it stands to reason that we have come across a whole plethora of faults, failures and potential automotive hiccups. Sometimes they are quite clearly due to a lack of maintenance. Others are due to poor design. Then there is just bad luck.

Here follows a list (in no particular order) of some of the more common occurrences we have encountered. Included are our comments and/or opinions as to how 'we' have dealt with the situation or believe would or could be an effective solution. Our ramblings are by no means a substitute for competent professional diagnosis and should be regarded as bodhi for interested parties.

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If the suspension is hard and the car appears to be bouncing out all of your fillings...

Friday, 23 December 2016  |  Mick

Affects: BX CX Xantia XM

The suspension spheres are more than likely done for. Over time, 6 to 10 years on average the spheres slowly lose their pressure. Each sphere has a diaphragm within. On one side the LHM fluid, on the other, nitrogen gas which during use is the compressible medium. If the diaphragm becomes breached or porous the gas side fills with oil. That sphere will then be about as useful as a chocolate teapot. At this stage there is no other cure other than to replace the unit (pairs are highly recommended). Spheres can be regassed or 'reconditioned', but this is only possible BEFORE they reach this stage. Buying new ones has become the common trend, mainly as replacement units are now quite cheaply available. 



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