Heater not getting hot - Peugeot 308

3 Comments12 January 2017  |  Stu

Affecting: Peugeot 308 all models

This fault is usually noticed as not getting any hot air into the cabin, no matter how warm the engine is.

The problem is caused by a blocked heater matrix. The only proper cure we've found is to replace the heater matrix. Its a fairly straightforward job. The cause is limescale or similar contamination blocking the coolant flow through the matrix. In extreme cases we've found the engine radiator partially blocked necessitating replacement, so it's important to drain / flush the system to prevent the new matrix getting blocked. It also calls into question the coolant replacement interval, as there is no recommendation by the manufacturer to replace the coolant in the service schedule.


Tony Wynne
16 October 2018  |  9:46

Do you know what kind of costs are involved with getting the matrix replaced

16 October 2018  |  14:14

To replace the heater matrix on most 308s costs very roughly £187 inc vat but the exact price depends on model/year etc

Lenny Bird
22 October 2021  |  7:19

Hi there I have a pegout 207 and itís not blowing out hot air but the temperature gage is reading half way and in some the cap to check level and it start over flowing what could case that