Hdi diesel - ticking noise or rattle

12 January 2017  |  BigMick

Affecting: All Hdi variants

So, your normally smooth-running Hdi sounds like it's suffering an injector tick or tappet rattle. If it sounds VERY rattly STOP DRIVING IT NOW!!
It's more than likely the front crankshaft pulley for the auxiliary belt (fan belt). Citroen/Peugeot (along with many other manufacturers) in their infinite wisdom have come up with a pulley with an in-built cushioning system that breaks down. You may find traces of 'iron filings' or swarf. If so, this is the last call for Destruction City. Seriously folks the pulley can split and if it goes whilst your cruising it is common for the now flailing violently auxiliary belt to become tangled with the cam shaft drive belt. If this occurs, you can wave bye-bye to a few valves and maybe a cylinder head. If your up for a cam belt or fan belt change get your garage to inspect the pulley very closely. Many establishments recommend the pulley with the belt change. It will add a few quid to the bill, but 'what price peace of mind?'

A good TVD pulley   a very poorly TVD pulley