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Common or potential faults associated with the French & Italian range.


Having worked with our chosen marques for quite some time now, it stands to reason that we have come across a whole plethora of faults, failures and potential automotive hiccups. Sometimes they are quite clearly due to a lack of maintenance. Others are due to poor design. Then there is just bad luck.

Here follows a list (in no particular order) of some of the more common occurrences we have encountered. Included are our comments and/or opinions as to how 'we' have dealt with the situation or believe would or could be an effective solution. Our ramblings are by no means a substitute for competent professional diagnosis and should be regarded as bodhi for interested parties.

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Fuel Leak/Smell

Thursday, 12 January 2017  |  Stu

Affecting: Older Petrol Models

An annoying and potentially dangerous and expensive fault. We have found a number of older petrol models of all makes coming in with fuel smell or poor fuel economy booking in. Many of these cars have the same fault. Simply fuel leaking from the fuel filter mounted under the car (usually near the tank). The cause is simply corrosion.
Most manufacturers used to fit alloy fuel filters, and if they are not changed periodically they are prone to rotting away. Most filters have little protection, and after a few British winters succumb to the metal moth. - Get out, get under and if yours is white & furry get the thing changed.

Modern petrol model rarely have a fuel filter fitted these days so if it is not immediately obvious under the car, call off the search.


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