Exhaust Box Bracket Rusted Through

23 December 2016  |  BigMick

Affects: 206 207 C2 C3 Picasso

"So, there was this weird rattling sound from the back of me Picasso, right."


"Yeah, well then it got louder and louder and then there was an almighty Keerlangggggg ang ang ang!"

"You should work for the BBC sound effects department"

"Yeah, thanks. So I stops the Picasso, right, and has a look underneath. guess what I found?"

"Dunno Dave, what did you find?"

"I found that the rear exhaust box, you know, the silencer thing at the back had dropped."


"Yeah, and it wasn't the silencer what broke it was the strap that holds it on. The exhaust silencer was in great shape, but the strap is as rotten as a pear mate. Rusted right through till it snapped!"


"Yeah, and the exhaust place want to change the whole thing, which is going to cost a mint mate. Said they don't do just the strap hanger bracket thing"

"Yeah, well you know what to do then don't you?"


"You go to EuroCarCare you prune, and order just the bracket from them. Here's the link mate"​ 

"Oh! Ta dave"

"You're welcome. Do your fruit bat impersonation now, I like that one"