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Common or potential faults associated with the French & Italian range.


Having worked with our chosen marques for quite some time now, it stands to reason that we have come across a whole plethora of faults, failures and potential automotive hiccups. Sometimes they are quite clearly due to a lack of maintenance. Others are due to poor design. Then there is just bad luck.

Here follows a list (in no particular order) of some of the more common occurrences we have encountered. Included are our comments and/or opinions as to how 'we' have dealt with the situation or believe would or could be an effective solution. Our ramblings are by no means a substitute for competent professional diagnosis and should be regarded as bodhi for interested parties.

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Con-Fuse-ing. Engine fuse box.

Friday, 23 December 2016  |  Stu

Affecting: Anything with a BSM or PSF engine fusebox

Just to add another dimension to the process of fault-finding, the various engine components such as sensors, injectors, fuel pump etc. are supplied by a computerised fuse box in the engine compartment. This means that if it develops a fault - usually intermittent, it can cause various fault codes to be stored in the engine computer, ABS computer, parking brake computer etc etc. Now you don’t know which faults are true and which ones you must ignore. Experience is your only hope, so if you have random symptoms or fault codes, it may be worth replacing the engine fuse box, also known as the BSM, PSF or similar acronyms.



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