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Having worked with our chosen marques for quite some time now, it stands to reason that we have come across a whole plethora of faults, failures and potential automotive hiccups. Sometimes they are quite clearly due to a lack of maintenance. Others are due to poor design. Then there is just bad luck.

Here follows a list (in no particular order) of some of the more common occurrences we have encountered. Included are our comments and/or opinions as to how 'we' have dealt with the situation or believe would or could be an effective solution. Our ramblings are by no means a substitute for competent professional diagnosis and should be regarded as bodhi for interested parties.

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DS4 Tailgate Switch Hack

Thursday, 12 January 2017  |  Mick

Affecting: DS4

The Citroen DS4 tailgate release is operated by a handle / micro-switch arrangement that is incorporated into the trim that stretches across the  tailgate. Citroen in their infinite wisdom have decided that no spare parts are available, which means forking out £100+ just to replace a tiny switch.

Our good friend Stuart from sunny Darlington has come up with a workaround that might just save you a buck or two.

Basically you are replacing the current lever with a Chevrolet switch. eBay appears to be awash with them. Just search "Chevrolet tailgate switch". Grab yourself a switch and follow the instructions:

Remove the tailgate trim. They are held on with studs through the tailgate
Remove the old lever assembly
New Chevy switch
Double sided sticky pads
Cut to shape and positioned
Cables threaded through
Old switch housing removed and holes drilled for wires
Wires threaded through
Refitted into tailgate trim
Gasket in position
Tailgate trim refitted with Chevy switch wires poking through
Connector trimmed and fitted into harness
Nice and tidy
Job done. View from underneath


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