Airbag warning on (intermittant)

6 January 2017  |  Stu

Affecting: Saxo/106/306/406 +

A possible easy fix if you're lucky. pretty commonly it is a poor or non-existent connexion located beneath the front seats. if your warning lamp is on, look for the (orange usually) connector beneath the seats leading to the seat belt pretensioners. This connexion can be disturbed by rogue objects left lying around in the rear foot wells (and it is amazing what you find there - embarrassing even), or just due to regular movement of the seat. If like me you are a strapping 6 foot 31/2" and your missus is 4 foot 1" the front seats are back n' forth like a fiddler's whatsit. Anyway, I digress. Either way, try disconnecting and reconnecting. If that puts the light out, job done. ....but it will probably reoccur. For a permanent fix get the connexions 'hard-wired'. A good soldered joint will sort the problem for good. !!warning!! please don't go prodding about the terminals with any sort of powered test gear. The seat belt pyrotechnic pretensioners are electronically activated and could very easily be triggered, and then.... KABOOM !!