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Here are a few of the latest parts that have been specially ordered by customers.


We are finding that parts prices between international markets can vary quite dramatically. So it is possible to make quite a saving by purchasing from abroad.

Generally, specially ordered parts sourced through UK networks have a lead time of between one and five working days depending on source and availability.

We specialise in sourcing the best quality parts at the best price. This is governed by current monetary exchange rates and pricing structures for different regions. Hence our prices can fluctuate as stock turns over.

Goods sourced internationally command a lead time of around four to twelve weeks excluding weekends and compulsory holiday shut-downs. Considerable savings can be made over domestic retail prices if the longer wait can be tolerated.   

We are always happy to order unusual items and will do our best to find the keenest price for you. If you would like an estimate of cost and or shipping please do drop us a line without obligation. Just fill in the short form on the 'contact us'  tab above. 



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SP 6580ZL - Body Computer

SP 6580ZL - Body Computer£331.67

SP 1351KT - Coolant Hose

SP 1351KT - Coolant Hose£85.82

SP 6447RZ - Flap Motor

SP 6447RZ - Flap Motor£55.36


SP 1343HK - Coolant Hose

SP 1343HK - Coolant Hose£33.43

SP 2403E0 - Gear Knob

SP 2403E0 - Gear Knob£17.56

SP 2403J0 - Gear Knob

SP 2403J0 - Gear Knob£14.00

SP 45685 - Water Pump

SP 45685 - Water Pump£58.44

SP PE2296 - Radiator

SP PE2296 - Radiator£133.90

SP 117483 - Dipstick

SP 117483 - Dipstick£11.95

SP E5001 - Shock Absorber

SP E5001 - Shock Absorber£22.67

SP 0348V7 - Gasket

SP 0348V7 - Gasket£19.44

SP 0348v8 - O Ring Seal

SP 0348v8 - O Ring Seal£4.92

SP HK3312 - Gasket Set

SP HK3312 - Gasket Set£46.76

SP 6554QE - Switch Panel

SP 6554QE - Switch Panel£98.84

SP 22279 - Ball Joint

SP 22279 - Ball Joint£9.71

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Page 1 of 3:    79 Items

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