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Fuel injection is a system for mixing fuel with air in an internal combustion engine.

It has become the primary fuel delivery system used in automotive petrol engines, having almost completely replaced carburetors in the late 1980s. A fuel injection system is designed and calibrated specifically for the type(s) of fuel it will handle. Most fuel injection systems are for petrol or diesel applications. With the advent of electronic fuel injection (EFI), the diesel and gasoline hardware has become similar. EFI's programmable firmware has permitted common hardware to be used with different fuels. Carburetors were the predominant method used to meter fuel on petrol engines before the widespread use of fuel injection.

A variety of injection systems have existed since the earliest usage of the internal combustion engine. The primary difference between carburetors and fuel injection is that fuel injection atomizes the fuel by forcibly pumping it through a small nozzle under high pressure, while a carburetor relies on low pressure created by intake air rushing through it to add the fuel to the airstream. The fuel injector is only a nozzle and a valve: the power to inject the fuel comes from a pump or a pressure container farther back in the fuel supply.

Due to the complexity and exacting tolerances utilised in todays injection systems, it is paramount to use only the very best quality compatible components. Cheap or incompatible filters for example could seriously compromise system efficiency. Air mass or air flow meters are a prime example of a component common to fail that has been targetted by the 'shoddy' parts manufacturers. here at Eurocarcare we have come across a number of copy items that actually perform less well than the faulty part they were designed to replace. On close inspection it was found that the sensing component within the body was clearly inferior and an attempt to reproduce the same function at a cut price...it didn't work in spectacular fashion.

We stock and supply only parts that are equal to or exceed the OE specifications recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Then only after we have tried and tested them for ourselves in our own workshops.

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