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And other things that might ruin your day

We are now over the 'hump' of the holidays and things have calmed down significantly. December is currently the only real predictable threat to efficiency in the delivery year so we can now sit back and relax as we sail through a stress free 2020.

We can hope.

Known issues:

February 2019





Main runway to close for repairs: On October 7, media sources indicate that the main runway at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in Mumbai will be closed from November 1 until March 28, 2020. The runway will be closed from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm local time every day except for Sundays. Expect flight disruptions during this period due to limited flight capacity.



Postal services normalize amid bushfires: On January 23, the Australia Post indicates that it regained access to all areas of New South Wales and plans to reinstate collection and delivery services as soon as possible with postal services expected to normalize throughout January 23.



Operations resume at Bari International Airport: On January 27, Poste Italiane announced that the situation in Bari International Airport is back to normal after a temporary closure due to unplanned maintenance. The closure reportedly led to disruptions to postal flows to and from the regions of Molise, Puglia (Apulia) and Basilicata.



Airport maintenance disrupts postal operations: Poste Italiane indicated on January 22 that postal flows to and from the regions of Molise, Puglia (Apulia) and Basilicata were likely to be disrupted due to the temporary closure of the Bari International Airport from January 15 to 22 for unplanned maintenance work at the airport.



Strike affects postal deliveries: La Poste indicated on February 4 that a strike in the overseas department of Martinique in the past three weeks has caused delays in the collection and delivery of postal products. No timeline as to when operations would normalize has been provided.

Great Britain


Workers with Royal Mail threaten to strike: Media sources report that unionized workers with Royal Mail threaten to stage a postal strike across the United Kingdom after talks with management broke down over changes to working conditions. The Communication Workers Union (CWU) will reportedly begin preparations for another national ballot for industrial action. No potential strike date has been announced yet.



Temporary airspace closure to affect flights: On January 20, media sources report that flight operations at Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, India, are expected to be impacted between January 20 - 26 due to temporary city’s airspace closure. Landings and take offs scheduled between 10:35 am and 12:15 pm local time will be particularly affected.



Heavy rainfall affects postal services: Sources reported on January 22 that postal services in parts of Mauritius may be disrupted due to heavy rain on the island since January 21. Many roads are reportedly inaccessible, causing heavy traffic in many areas and delays in the pick-up and delivery of postal items. Further disruptions should be expected until the weather situation normalizes.



Coronavirus impacts postal operations: On January 22, the Chinese State Post Office has announced that an emergency response and control plan has been deployed as of January 21 for parcels that are sent from Hubei Province as a result of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan. The measures are to ensure the prevention of the spread of the virus during the Lunar New Year celebration period.



Anniversary celebrations may impact deliveries: On January 23, the Israel Postal Company reported that events associated with the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp in Jerusalem from January 22-24, 2020 may cause delays in the transport and delivery of all mail types as well as to flights and mail handling at the airport.



Further strikes may disrupt traffic: Media sources indicate that the unions CFE-CGC, CGT, FO, FSU, Solidaires, MNL, Unef, UNL and FIDL - have called for further nationwide walkouts on January 22-23 while a major rally is planned for January 24 against the planned pension reform. Disruptions to traffic across France should be expected throughout the duration of the protests.



Coronavirus affects transport activities: Media sources reported on January 23 that thirteen cities have issued full or partial transport lockdowns in response to the coronavirus outbreak, including Wuhan, Ezhou, Xiantao, Zhijiang, Qianjiang, Huanggang, Chibi, Jingmen, Xianning, Huangshi, Dangyang, Enshi, and Xiaogan. Restrictions have been placed on commercial vehicle and vessel transport as well as postal, civil aviation and railway services.



Storm disrupts mail transport: According to the Iceland Post, a snow across Iceland has caused flight cancellations to and from Iceland on January 23. Domestic mail transport to the northern and north-western part of the country was also cancelled, but was expected to resume on January 24.



Strike to disrupt air traffic: On January 22, the USAC-CGT union responsible for air traffic controllers and other technical personnel has called for a strike on January 24. The union previously called for strikes between January 13 and 17, which resulted in the cancelation of 20 to 25 percent of flights. Disruptions are to be expected for inbound and outbound flights.



Flooding disrupts road traffic in several states: Media sources report that heavy rainfall over the past few days has caused flooding and landslides in the states of Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo as well as the northwestern region of the state of Rio de Janeiro, which has severely disrupted road traffic in the affected areas. Further disruptions in those areas should be expected until the weather situation improves.

Southern France


Storm disrupts postal operations: Sources indicate on January 27 that Storm Gloria has disrupted postal operations in the South of France in recent days. Collection and delivery of all mail and parcels in the region are likely to be impacted.



Delays and congestion in airmail reported: Japan Post reported on February 4 that an increase in volumes sent to China and the cancellations of flights between Japan and China have led to serious delays in the handling of outbound mail items since January 28. No timeline as to when operations would normalize has been provided.

Cayman Islands


Postal services resume following earthquake: On January 31, the Cayman Islands Postal Services indicated that all postal services resumed following a 7.7-magnitude earthquake in the Caribbean basin on January 28.



Postal operations normalize: Jamaica Post on January 31 reports that postal services in the areas affected by the recent earthquake returned to normal on January 29. No further disruption should be expected.

Hong Kong


Mail processing disrupted: Hongkong Post indicated on January 30 that all inbound and outbound mail processing has been disrupted since January 28 due to the coronavirus outbreak. The impact is expected to last for a few days.



Earthquake disrupts postal operations: Jamaica Post indicated on January 29 that postal operations have been disrupted due to the 7.7 magnitude earthquake which occurred in the Caribbean basin on January 28. Its international mail processing centre in Kingston was evacuated, affecting all inbound and outbound mail operations.

Cayman Islands


Postal services suspended due to earthquake: On January 29, the Cayman Islands Postal Services reported that all postal services have been temporarily interrupted due to the 7.7-magnitude earthquake in the Caribbean basin on January 28. Related disruptions include the issuance of a tsunami warning and damages to road infrastructure, while water supply and various buildings are currently being assessed for damages.



China Post takes prevention measures: On January 28, China Post indicated that it has implemented measures to prevent the risk of transmission of the coronavirus by disinfecting all mail destined to or transiting via Wuhan at its processing center. International mail may be either temporarily stored, picked-up or delivered by other non-face-to-face methods. These measures will result in delays to international inbound mail processing and delivery.



Bushfires continue to impact Australia: Media sources indicated that the authorities have declared a bushfire fire-related state of emergency for Canberra region due to continuous bushfires until at least February 3. Furthermore, strong wind warnings have been issued on February 3 for the coastal areas of New South Wales.



Customs clearance delays affect postal service: On January 28, Pos Indonesia reported that customs clearance processes are likely to be delayed due to changes to the de minimis exemption on shipments imported into Indonesia, which will apply from January 30. As a consequence, delays to the processing and delivery of all postal items are also expected.



Postal services suspended in Macau: On January 28, Macau Post indicated that all civil servants will be exempted from working on January 30 and 31 in order to minimize the spreading of the coronavirus. Consequently, Macau Post is suspending all postal services on the aforementioned dates and delays are likely to occur.



Fentect meets to plan strikes for January 30: On January 15, the Federacao Nacional dos Trabalhadores em Empresas de Correios (Fentect) union has announced meetings from January 15-16 to plan the previously announced strikes for January 30. No further details about the extent of the strike were disclosed yet.



Fentect threatens to strike on January 30: Local media sources indicated on January 13 that the Federacao Nacional dos Trabalhadores em Empresas de Correios (Fentect) union is threatening to strike at postal company Correios on January 30. It remains unknown how many postal employees plan to participate in the strike. 



Coronavirus causes delays: Mongol Post JSC indicates on January 31 that due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, the country has raised the risk level to high, likely disrupting inbound and outbound mail until further notice.

Hong Kong


Postal delivery is delayed at Hong Kong Airport: Media sources indicated on February 1 that around 8,000 packages in the Air Mail Centre at the Hong Kong International Airport are currently waiting for express delivery to locations in Hong Kong, according to the Union of Hong Kong Post Office Employees. It remains unknown when the backlog will be cleared.

South Africa


Postal services experience disruptions: On February 3, media sources reported that the South African Post Office announced that the delivery of all parcels to and from China will be delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak, in part due to flight operators cancelling routes to China.



Postal services experience disruptions: Media sources on February 4 indicated that the Post of Slovenia reported that it stopped accepting postal items destined for China, due to flight operators cancelling routes. The suspension of flights to China is planned until Saturday, February 8.



No more mail accepted to China: Correos y Telégrafos has declared a force majeure and will stop accepting postal products destined for China until further notice due to a significant amount of flight cancellations by international airlines.



Postal service to China suspended: On February 5, Compania Nationala Posta Romana indicated that it stopped accepting letter-post, parcel-post and EMS items destined for China, due to flight operators cancelling routes to China. Postal services are expected to resume once transport capacity is available again.

United States


Winter storm disrupts ground transportation: Media sources on February 5 reported that winter storm Kade has affrected ground transportation across the Midwest and Northeast of the United States. The westbound lanes of I-70 and the Missouri River Bridge in Rocheport remained temporarily closed. Weather forecasts indicate that the storm will bring more snow and ice in the coming days.



Force majeure declared for China-bound post: On February 6, Croatian Post declared a situation of force majeure and immediately suspended the acceptance of letter-post, parcel-post and EMS items destined for China, due to the suspension of flights from partner airlines. Postal services are expected to resume once transport capacity is available again.



Airmail unit relocation to disrupt operations: Poczta Polska S.A., announced on February 6 that the airmail unit in Warsaw, Poland, will be moving into a new location at Warsaw Airport between February 17 and February 29. The relocation is scheduled to be completed by March 1; however, disruptions to international outgoing and incoming mail are likely to be experienced until March 10. 




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