And other things that might ruin your day

We are now over the 'hump' of the holidays and things have calmed down significantly. December is currently the only real predictable threat to efficiency in the delivery year so we can now sit back and relax as we sail through a stress free 2020.

We can hope.

Known issues:



India 1-Nov > 28-Mar Main runway to close for repairs: On October 7, media sources indicate that the main runway at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in Mumbai will be closed from November 1 until March 28, 2020. The runway will be closed from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm local time every day except for Sundays. Expect flight disruptions during this period due to limited flight capacity.
Indonesia 01-Jan Flooding affects postal services: Pos Indonesia indicated on January 3 that heavy rain in the Special Capital Region of Jakarta and West Java Province on January 1 led to floods which rendered all major roads in those areas inaccessible. Delays are therefore to be expected in the processing and delivery of letter-post, parcel-post and EMS items. As of January 2, the following postcode areas have been affected: Central Jakarta: 10xxx; West Jakarta: 11xxx; South Jakarta: 12xxx; East Jakarta: 13xxx; North Jakarta: 14xxx; Tangerang: 15xxx; Bogor: 160xx; Depok: 164xx; Bekasi: 170xx and West Bandung: 405xx.
Australia 02-Jan Bushfires affect more areas: Australia Post indicates on January 9 that severe bushfires across Australia are affecting the collection and delivery of all mail, in particular in areas with the postal codes: 4570; 4650; 4674; 4670; 4676; 5232-5253; 5115-5117; 5271-5275; 2250-2263; 2323-2430; 2440; 2443; 2446; 2469; 2471; 2775; 2848; 3865; 3909; 3700-3741; 2500-2653; 2721-2730; 2753-2795; 2900-2914; 5220-5223; 6030; 6037; 6041; 6335-6338; 6442; 6725-6770.
Australia 02-Jan Fire-related smog halts postal service: Media sources indicated on January 2 that fire-related smog has forced Australia Post to suspend services throughout the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) due to air quality remaining 10 times above the hazardous level as of January 2. The conditions were anticipated to persist over several days.
Australia 03-Jan Wildfires disrupt road traffic: On January 3, sources indicate that road traffic across Victoria and New South Wales has been heavily disrupted due to the ongoing wildfires, with roads such as the Princes Highway, Monaro Highway, Kings Highway, and Snowy Mountains Highway being disrupted.
Slovakia 04-Jan ICT relocation disrupts message transmission: On December 6, Slovenska posta indicated that it is planning to relocate its ICT infrastructure from January 4 to January 6, 2020. No messages (PREDES/RESDES, EMSEVT, ITMATT) will be sent or received during this period.
Libya 06-Jan LN Airlines to resume flights to Amman: Sources indicated on January 10 that Libyan Airlines (LN) would resume its flight operations to Amman Airport (AMM) from January 12. Previously, operations were suspended due to unstable conditions in Libya.
Libya 06-Jan LN airlines suspend flights to Amman: Sources indicated on January 6 that Libyan Airlines (LN) has suspended its flight operations to Amman Airport (AMM) until further note due to unstable conditions in Libya. Mail shipments with final destination Tripoli (TIP) are also expected to be disrupted.
Australia 06-Jan Tropical Cyclone Blake causes disruptions: Sources indicate that Tropical Cyclone Blake is likely to intensify into a Category two cyclone on January 7 and is expected to make landfall at 10 am local time near Wallal Downs along the Eighty Mile Beach in Western Australia. Heavy rainfall and strong winds should be expected.
France 06-Jan Aviation workers to strike from January 6-9: Sources indicate on January 3 that the French pilot union SPAF and the French flight attendant union SNGAF have called for a strike at Air France beginning on January 6 until January 9 as part of the ongoing protests against a planned pension reform. The unions stated that further strikes may be announced in the future.
Portugal 06-Jan Construction work to disrupt air traffic: On November 23, media sources reported that Lisbon Airport in Portugal will experience nightly closures starting January 6, 2020, due to the construction of two new rapid-exit taxiways. The airport will reportedly be closed between 11 pm to 6 am local time until the works are completed. Some airlines will reportedly have to alter routes, or have already had to cancel service, due to the closures. Additional flight disruptions should also be expected during the construction period.
Iceland 07-Jan Winter storm disrupts postal services: On January 7, Iceland Post indicated that due to a winter storm all international flights have been cancelled to and from Iceland from approximately 2 pm local time on January 7 until the morning of January 8. Consequently, no airmail has been received on January 7 and none will be sent to Europe on January 8. Domestic transport and distribution activities were also expected to be disrupted due to the weather conditions.
India 08-Jan General strike disrupts parts of India: Updated media sources indicate on January 8 that tens of thousands of workers affiliated with trade unions have begun a planned general strike that is disrupting parts of India on January 8. The Federation of National Postal Organisation and the National Federation of Postal Employees have also called on postal workers to join the strike and postal disruptions should be expected throughout the duration of the strike.
India 08-Jan Postal workers to join nationwide strike: Sources indicate on January 7 that the Federation of National Postal Organisation and the National Federation of Postal Employees have called on postal workers to join a nationwide general strike in India on January 8. Impacts on postal services should be expected.
Serbia 09-Jan Customs face delays due to backlog: Industry sources reported on January 9 that inbound customs clearance is currently taking up to several working days due to significant backlogs from December 2019 that still need to be processed. No information on when the clearance process will normalize was available.
France 09-Jan Air traffic controllers strike affects flights: On January 9, media sources indicate that air traffic controllers are on strike as part of the ongoing protests against a planned pension reform. Precedents indicate that strikes by the aviation workers resulted in the cancellation of hundreds of flights.
Philippines 12-Jan Volcano eruption affects hundreds of flights: Sources indicate on January 13 that hundreds of flights to and from Nino Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in Manila, Philippines have been suspended due to the eruption of the Taal Volcano on January 12. Operations are gradually resuming, but delays persist.
Italy 14-Jan Aviation workers plan to strike on January 14: Media sources report that employees with several airlines, including Alitalia, Bulgarian Air, Tajaran Jet, Bluair, EasyJet Ernst Airlines, AlbaStar and Volotea plan to stage strikes of varying lengths throughout January 14. Reports suggested that airport ground staff are also planning a 24-hour industrial action in several major airports, though details on which ones will be affected remain unclear.



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