Grinding, graunching noise when parking, occasionally a huge TWANG!

23 December 2016  |  Stu

Affecting: Coil spring front suspension

Many cars with MacPherson strut front suspension will suffer this one at some time or other. Due to the design the front suspension including coil spring must rotate with the wheel when steering. To facilitate this the coil spring is mounted on a roller bearing. Over time these bearings seize/rust/dry up/fall to bits. When this happens the spring is fighting against the seized bearing. If the bearing wins the coil spring will wind up like a clock spring and try to return the steering back to centre. If the spring suddenly wins it'll unwind with a big Twang or Boing (in extreme cases a blood curdling Ping). The lead up to all this is general grating noises when parking etc.

The cure is of course to replace the bearing. Generally inexpensive to buy and we have lots in stock.