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Searching the Renault Database

There are many ways to search our database. The most simple is clearly to enter a short description ofRenault Oval Plate Details the item. For example by entering "Engine Mount" you will probably be deluged with every engine mounting we hold. Refine your search by entering for example 'clio engine mount right'. This will bring up all clio righ hand mountings. If you have your chassis number to hand look for the highlighted section and enter this too. Ie VF1BTOJ0639999999. This part of the chassis number identifies the specific model and is generally sufficient to identify the exact part for your car. You may often find listings with these codes written as; BTO_. the underscore denotes a wild card which means any fourth number or letter will apply.

Alternatively, Engine types are often listed where applicable. Try a search for "Engine mount K4M" for example.

On latter day Renaults you will normally find your Oval plate sticker mounted on the drivers door shut, on the body near the latch (see pic). everything about you Renault is contained in code form here. For most searches the type code (CB0A in this case) will be all that you need. On odd occasions the fabrication number may be required. This is the number directly to the right of the type number (the very bottom right code in the pic).

Other methods include searching with Renault's OE part numbers or just having a random browse through the categories.

 If you are unsure about any aspect of your search or needs please do contact us for assistance. We realise that many parts can look very similar and although our images are an accurate representation of the actual part on offer, we will be more than happy to confirm that the part is correct for your vehicle.

We are confident that our wares are exactly what they should be. We know this because we trust no other parts catalogue other than that used and designed by the manufacturer. For example, for Renault we use the RENAULT P@RTS system to initially identify parts. Many after-market outlets tend to use 'home grown' catalogues and rely on registration dates as a point of reference. This we believe is a potential recipe for a "You've sold me the wrong bit you idiot!" situation. Our reference points are Renault's reference points.

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