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That's it then. Polls are officially cool. Quite a surprise this one. Misused fog lamps are a bit of a pet hate for me. But it seems joining the ranks of the geriatric is proving to be affecting my tolerance.  Cheap-chic. What more could one possibly want?
...and as if by magic... numbs the pain. 20% not so sure. That's a surprise.
Alcohol seems to be playing a big part So, who are all these numpties?  


Dealer only part? - Definitely not. From a little piece of trim to a yaw sensor. A body computer to a gear knob. We can help. We scour Europe for the best prices on genuine boxed parts and and selected top quality alternatives. If we don't have stock we are happy to place a special order for you. We source parts that you cannot find at your local motor factor or spares outlet, but we also stock some pretty normal stuff too. Many of our stock lines are not even carried by your local main dealer. And what's more if we ain't got it, and it's still available, we will certainly get it in for you. As a bonus it will be cheaper*. Give us a call and order by phone, or drop us a line and we will set it up on line for you. We realise not everyone works office hours. Not everyone is on GMT. So whatever it takes, we'll do it. *excludes some overnight VOR orders


Caring about you -  We only supply parts that are approved and have passed stringent quality and safety testing such as TüV  ISO9001 & TS16949 . We never supply alternative parts that do not meet or exceed our exacting standards. Also, we test products in our own busy workshop before offering parts for sale through our webshop to ensure ease and quality of fit. Every part is fully guaranteed and has the Eurocarcare seal of approval thus ensuring your continued comfort and safety.


Caring about your car - The installation of cheap parts will undoubtedly save you money initially, but in the long term can prove more expensive.
Consider: Time wasted due to poor fit. Premature failure and returning parts because of incorrect cataloguing. With quality parts, your car will perform correctly and continue to serve you well for many years.


Caring about your pocket - Despite our high standards of quality, we continually strive to bring you savings across our whole range. We think you will be impressed by our discounts on fully guaranteed genuine boxed parts and OE quality parts alike.


Why  pay main dealer prices?  Contact us today for a no obligation quote.

Little Mick & Big Mick will be available to answer any parts queries you may have. Feel free to contact us by whatever means suits you, or better still, why not drop in for a coffee? In this era of internet anonymity we offer complete transparancy and our personal guarantee of satisfaction. Welcome to our world




Featured Products
ECC13711 - HDI Engine Cover Clip

ECC13711 - HDI Engine Cover Clip£1.23   £0.50

ECC375P0 - Turbo Actuator Position Sensor Only

ECC375P0 - Turbo Actuator Position Sensor Only£143.70   £65.00

ECC345E5 - Air Doser Induction Pipe Manifold

ECC345E5 - Air Doser Induction Pipe Manifold£249.53   £206.00

ECC7701478505 - Camshaft Dephaser Pulley

ECC7701478505 - Camshaft Dephaser Pulley£143.66   £55.00

ECC4545G7 - ABS Sensor Rear

ECC4545G7 - ABS Sensor Rear£38.48   £19.90

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